Samsung is working on a 5-nm Chips for Smartphones, yet Intel hasn’t even scratched the surface of 7-nm Chips

samsung 5-nm chip

It was just very recently that Samsung announced that they are working on manufacturing 7-nanometer chipsets. A new generation of chip that we really expected Intel to announce rather than Samsung.

Be that as it may, Samsung has yet announced another milestone achievement in the chipset front. It is now working on a 5-nm chip, which will be using the same Extrem Ultraviolet (EUV) technology used in the 7-nm chips.

This comes against a backdrop of Samsung announcing that the first EUV line made for the 7-nm will cost $6 billion. It is also interesting to note, that although Samsung might have left Intel behind in the next-gen on nano-chips, it is not the only company leading the pack.

Samsung’s long-time rival TSMC has also announced it is working on a 5-nm chip. While Samsung 5-nm chip is said will have 25% more transistors, TSMC has made the bold statement that its 5-nm chip will have 80% more transistors.

At this point, it remains to be seen which company (between Samsung and TSMC, because Intel is left behind in the dust) will produce the first 5-nm chip.

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