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Samsung Launches Look At Me App, For Autistic Kids

by Milicent Atieno

Samsung Launches Look At Me App, For Autistic Kids

A lot of kids with autism cannot maintain eye contact, and as a Christmas gift to autistic kids, Samsung has launched a new app dubbed Look At Me. The app works on Android devices and has been designed to help autistic kids maintain eye contact.

The initiative goes a long way in making autisms spectrum disorder more understood. The condition is still less understood even though the number of cases of its diagnosis continues to rise. The available treatments and services for the condition remain quite prohibitive for many families.

You can now download Look At Me from Google Play. The app was developed through collaboration of doctors and professors from the Seoul National University Bundag Hospital and Yonsei University Department of Psychology. It is designed to use photos, series of games and facial recognition technology that help kids to interpret emotions and effectively communicate with people.

The app has already passed a clinical trial where it was tested on 20 children for a period of eight weeks. The app was able to improve the condition of 60 percent of the kids in the clinical trial done.

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