Samsung Releases Galaxy Specific LeBron App

Samsung Releases Galaxy Specific LeBron App

Samsung has found an innovative way to pay tribute to one of the most amazing star of basketball game, LeBron James. The company releases an app with the name of LeBron to gain some insight into the life and game of the skilled player. This app is now available for playing live on Google Play for selected Samsung Galaxy devices.

The partnership of LeBron with Samsung is really not a big surprise as the company has stepped forward to acknowledge the efforts of the champion by releasing the app with his name. However, Galaxy owners would only be able to use this app and view the lifestyle of the great player.

The fans of LeBron will feel ever close than before with the aid of their Samsung Galaxy. This wonderful Samsung app has provided the world unprecedented access to the reigning MVP’s championship chase. It provides the overview of the title-seeking adventures by the great athlete. Consider this app as a gateway to enter into the lifestyle of the champion basketball player. As you continue to emulate him, you will observe his disavow for the non-essential technology during his playoffs.

With the aid of this app, you can easily dream about becoming the NBA champion. You will get to know the tips and tricks for achieving this goal if you are passionate about this game.

You will find four major elements in this app.

  • The app contains photos and videos of the LeBron’s daily life in the role of athlete. It includes his routine for getting ready for the games, post-game remarks and more.
  • You could have a glance at LeBron’s playoffs stats and live scores during heat games.
  • You could find photos and videos of his classic style as well as sneakers of the day.
  • Gaining insight into what fuels LeBron off of the court including his charitable work with his Foundation, as well as his private life with his family.

This app is perfect for the fans of LeBron who is clear reflection of South Beach lifestyle.  According to a review from Google Play, the app contains live wallpaper that really appreciates its beauty. The standards of the app are pretty high on Google Play.

LeBron fans would be eager to try their luck at this app available from Google Play.

Download LeBron App from Google Play

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