Sandra Ajaja will be sharing her experience as a Woman in Tech at #AWITNigeria19; here’s innov8tiv’s sit down with her

AWIT Sandra Ajaja

The clock is fast ticking towards the AWIT 2019 Conference, which will be held in Lagos, Nigeria. And in keeping with innov8tiv tradition, we like to introduce our readers to some of the speakers and panelist at the conference, before the conference. In our today’s feature, we introduce to you Sandra Ajaja, who will be in the panel for ‘UpGrade Your Skills —HR at a Tech Firm‘. 

Below is our interview with Ajaja:

What does technology represent to you in your chosen field?

Technology for me is an enabler. It represents a level playing field for all. Technology empowers every and any individual to change things.

As a  social impact advocate, Technology has been my tool to drive positive change through innovation, community building, and capacity building. Technology helps us amplify our work. We can create new opportunities for ourselves and others.

Due to specialty, is there a limit to the number and quality of skills one can acquire?

No. There isn’t. I am a firm believer that when you need to get something done if you can’t afford to pay for someone else’s time to get it done for you, your best option is to learn how to do it. Basically, we learn best by doing. So there is no limit to what one can learn, if you have an end goal strong enough to motivate you to learn it, learning that thing would be easy.

How has strategic networking aided you in achieving your professional goals?


It has opened doors for me in places I could never have reached alone. Networking doesn’t have to be with the ‘big’ people who are often not accessible. Just be a genuine lover of people, be willing to give more than you want to expect to receive. The fastest way to grow your network is to contribute to building the people around you. As they grow, you grow! Build genuine friendships, just be a good human. Be intentional too about setting networking goals. Do a network appraisal from time to time to see if you know the right people and are in the right cycle. And remember there is always room for improvement. Attend the right events, volunteer if you can’t afford the registration fee…lol.

Also, working with people will help you bond more, so volunteering is key.

Are you satisfied with the rate of technological advancement in Africa at the moment?


Yes, Africa is rising! More people are learning technology. I always say that we can’t exploit the potential of any tech if we haven’t first understood it. Technology education is building on the continent.  So the future is bright. The possibilities are endless. It means more people are empowered to create solutions, build for Africa. It’s really exciting!

It is believed that we are being launched into the third industrial revolution, and this digitization will consequently change the politics of jobs. How do you think women in Africa can take advantage of this to advance and stay relevant?

The key to staying relevant is being relevant.:)

Always be excited to learn something new, never settle. If something needs to be done, then learn how to do. Be the person that gets things done. Change with the Change. Update your skills all the time. Get  Better everyday. Embrace diversity, open-mindedness, creative thinking, public speaking, human interaction, and emotional intelligence. Those are the skill sets of the future, they will never be outdated.

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