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Sarahah was too full of bullies; TBH gives you same anonymous chat without the bullying

by Felix Omondi

Sarahah fell almost as fast as it rose up the App Store charts. This anonymous chatting app became an overnight hit, but the fact users kept getting harassing questions from anonymous people (messages from people you know, but their identity sealed) quickly became a haven for bullies. Well TBH, short for ‘To Be Honest’ gives you the same anonymity, but users are only allowed to ask positive messages.

On TBH, friends can send you messages anonymously, but not insulting messages. This anonymous messaging app seems to have learned from Sarahah failures and is now improving the anonymous messaging experience. The messages are sent via an in-app quiz.

The app is targeting mainly the youths, ones in middle and high schools. Once a user installs it on their phone, it scans your address book and finds your contacts who have also installed the app. It then starts servicing them a series of “polls” on you, which your contacts can answer; albeit anonymously.

The questions do change from time to time, but they are always positive. They will ask your contacts things like “world’s best party planner,” or “who is too lit to be legit?” Your friends can respond to these questions, and you will get to see their answers, but never know their true identity. However, you can see some few details about them; say something like, a girl from the eighth grade.tbh

TBH has borrowed some of the addictive features of free-to-play games, but as currently constituted, it does not have in-app purchases. Additionally, when someone chooses you as the answer to a quiz, you earn some the gems to unlock more features in the app. Each user can only answer a given number of quiz within a given time, and should you run out. You will have to wait for a timer before you can continue answering more quizzes.

The app is proving to be a big hit among the teens and has quickly risen the App Store charts since its publishing in August. Last Thursday, TBH had ousted apps like Facebook, Gmail, and Snapchat at the top of App Store listing. The app is currently available only in selected states in the U.S.

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