SA’s virtual event management platform Flock spreading wings abroad


In October 2018, South African (SA) Investment Conference took place in a somewhat innovative online platform. Yes, an entire conference taking place virtually and online. The attendees downloaded the Flock app and engaged with each other online.

The company Flock reports that its app has been downloaded by at least 900 users and in that SA Investment Conference. It received more than 120,000 views at an average of 190 views per minute.

The most popular feature on the app, Meet Me, encourages the users to network with each other, view profiles of other users, and schedule meeting and connection among the users. The app is now being users in at least 25 countries across Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

Some of the notable companies that have used this app include Facebook, Sage, and Oracle. On the Flock platform, consumers can build event websites, design and send custom-branded mails, manage RSVPs, and even publish a mobile app.

An event organizer will access our online system to build a custom branded event website and mobile app. They are able to communicate all the event information to their attendees and can manage attendance and all content related to the event,” said Mike Lysko, the founder and CEO of Flock.

Delegates are able to engage with the content via Live Polls and a Q&A feature, network, and set up meetings with each other, and get all the event information.”

He further said he founded the company in 2013 but started working on it full-time in 2015.

We saw a need for delegates attending events to get access to real-time event information at their fingertips, engage with event content, participate in interactive sessions and meet other attendees, all facilitated by an app.”

Since its launch, Flock has taken on at least 300 events so far. That is no mean feat considering how busy the event management space has become. The startup makes revenue off licensing the software to event organizers.

The company initial three years were was running on bootstrap, but in 2016, it secured its first angel investor.

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