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Satellite: Accelerating Digital Transition


Digital homes in Africa will grow to 75 million by 2021. Satellite and terrestrial are the two key infrastructure that will drive successful digital transition.

eutelsatIt has been two years since the digital migration deadline set by the ITU for Africa expired and yet only six African nations have completed digital transition.

This slow progress is largely due to the steep challenges faced by countries with a large landmass, mountain ranges or islands that typically remain beyond range of terrestrial network, or with interferences issues in border regions, as well as by the question of funding.

In most cases a terrestrial/satellite solution beats standalone terrestrial in terms of cost effectiveness and speed. Homes with a satellite coverage can receive DTT channels immediately without having to wait for new investment in terrestrial infrastructure and its gradual deployment across a territory.

Digital migration needs to happen now as African countries are missing out on opportunities that include:

Transforming the diversity, signal quality, and reach of channels into viewer homes.

Generating infrastructure upgrades and stimulating Africa’s vibrant content creation industry.

Releasing analogue frequencies for other applications such as mobile services.

In sharing our longstanding technical and commercial experience working with public and private broadcasters, as well as regional governments around the world. Eutelsat can provide the most suitable satellite and best-in-class technical solution with required expertise to drive the digitalization process and contribute to growth of a dynamic and lasting broadcast sector.

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