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How to save an Email as PDF

Ever wanted to save the content of your emails outside the inbox? Well, the best format you could use is PDF. Then again PDF is the best format for just about any document and the best thing is, the file format is readable in just about any platform, from PCs, Macs, Android, and iOS devices.

This Friday, we are going to share a simple trick on how to save an email as PDF. This trick shows you how you can do so on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac and the best part is, you don’t need to use any third-party application.

This trick assumes you are using the default Mail app on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Although the majority of third party mail apps also do have their own print-to-PDF feature, but not all of them, and two iPhone users might have installed two different third party mail app. But since all iPhone, iPad, and Mac users have the Mail app out of the box, and it’s an app that cannot be uninstalled, it will be easier to demonstrate using an app everyone has.

Converting email to PDF on your iPhone or iPad

Launch your Mail app, go to the email you would like to immortalize via PDF and open the email. Next tap the forward button and select print.

The next screen will be a preview of the email you would like to print. The text might be hard to read, so you can pinch-to-zoom on your iPad to expand the details. If you are on an iPhone, you can press firmly on the preview to see the details clearly.

The preview will fill up the entire screen. What you are now viewing is a PDF file and you can share by simply tapping the Share

icon at the upper right corner of your screen. You can share via email, WhatsApp, Messenger, send it to iCloud, OneDrive or anywhere else you want subject to the apps you have installed on your iDevice.

Converting email to PDF on your Mac

Launch the Mail app on your Mac, select and open the email you would like to save as PDF.

Go to the Menu Bar > Export as PDF

Next, select the location on your Mac where you would like to save the PDF file.

Once saved, you can then share the PDF file via whichever supported means.

Well, you could be saving it as a PDF not to send, but to backup that particular email. There is little sense in saving an email as PDF then having to share it as an attachment to a new email; you can just forward the damn email without going through all these hustle. This trick makes more sense if the reason behind it is to save an email offline.

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