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Save Your Files Directly to Dropbox and Google Drive with ‘Ballloon’

by Fahad Saleem

Save Your Files Directly to Dropbox and Google Drive with ‘Ballloon’

Ballloon for Chrome is a handy little extension that allows saving your pictures, documents, and other web files directly to your cloud storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

With a help of a single right-click on the file that you find on a webpage, you can easily save it. OneDive and Dropbox support is available for it. You just need to authorize Ballloon to access your cloud drives. The saved files can be monitored at this link.

chrome 1

The procedure for using Dropbox is very simple. Download Google Chrome extension for Ballloon by following this link. Now left click the Ballloon icon in the extension column of your Google Chrome. Authorize corresponding drives. Now right-clicking the images, files, and other links on webpages will show the options of transferring them to your Cloud drives directly.

A recent update has been added to Chrome extension of Ballloon. Now when you move your mouse to a picture, it will popup options for saving it to your cloud drives on the upper right side of the image. Instead of right-clicking to see the context menu, you can just left click the option for your desired drive, and the image will be directly transferred there.

chrome 2

You can edit the default save location for the files.Go to the Cloud settings, you will be provided option to go with your default folder or switch to Ballloon. If you choose the default folder, your files will go to that folder only. But if you choose Ballloon, the your data will be copied to default folder as well as Ballloon.

If you are transferring a large link, you can monitor your file transfer progress by clicking on the icon in the menu bar.

chrome 3

In short, Ballloon is a handy little Chrome extension for storing your favorite web data to your cloud drives. It is a simple, fast, and one-click transfer process. It allows you to save and view the things you liked while visiting different web pages. Install this extension, and you will never lose important data while surfing online. By reading this you now can Save Your Files Directly to Dropbox and Google Drive withBallloon‘ and make sure you leave your comments below regarding Balllon.

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