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SayMore for iPhone Lets You Call Interesting Strangers Around the World for Free

When the internet boom started a decade ago, chatting with anonymous, new people was the zeitgeist. We all loved signing up in the new chat rooms and finding new people around the world. But that trend blathered away. Services like Twitter, Facebook, Orkut came and our interests were revamped; we started interacting with mundane pools of closed communities. But the trend is changing again: you have apps like Whisper, Yik Yak, having millions of daily users trying to hook up with unknown people far away. There is another such app in the town, but with an idea unique of its sort. SayMore for iOS lets you call strangers and talk to them. This idea was hitherto untapped, but YouTube’s founding team member Brent Hurley has brought it on the table and implemented it.

SayMore has a pretty simple but powerful interface and working model: You signup for the app, search and sift through the topics, choose a topic of your interest. In the topic thread, you will have different people who most likely share your interests as they also choose the thread you opted. You can simply choose any person, and initiate a call. The call goes through VOIP mode. The sound quality is perfect.

SayMore’s creator Brent Hurley says that people are bored of interacting in closed communities. The nirvana of a deep, well-connected conversation dwarfs the status monotonous status updates and comments of Facebook and Twitter.

SayMore is free to use. You will need a stable internet connection to initiate a call.

The app also crafts “friend lists” based on your conversation track record. For example, if you and some other person had three to four conversations, the app will list him as your friend. Eventually, you will end up with a friend list. You can “broadcast” a topic for discussion and any of your friends could opt-in for a talk.

When you choose a topic to talk about, it is possible that no one else is in that thread. Instead of leaving you there for nothing. SayMore suggests you related topics threads with active users in them.

SayMore is available for iOS. An Android version is currently in the making. The idea of SayMore is unique and interesting and worth trying.

Download SayMore for iPhone

Images: TechCrunch

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