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Schedule Fake Incoming Call on your iPhone to Escape Boring Meeting or Event Using Smart Fake Call app

by Fahad Saleem

You are sitting in a boring event which you were forced to attend, or attending a meeting with your grumpy boss, and hoping that your phone would beep and you will go out for a breather; sounds familiar, eh? Our routines are full of events and people who drain energy and life out of us. Instead of messaging your friend to make a call to get you out of a situation, you could use a great new iPhone app. You can quickly schedule a fake call to escape a boring situation. The app will give you a proper fake call on your iPhone. There will be a number, with a person’s name on it. Here’s how it all works.

Get Fake Call on your iPhone to Escape Boring Meeting, Event

Download Smart Fake Call app in your iPhone.

Launch the app and head over to settings. You can give the photo to the caller. You can give any name and set any ringtone for the fake call.

fake call 1

To set the timing of the fake call, tap the phone icon with bolt through it. You can use the simple time picker slider and specify minutes, hours, seconds after which you want to receive the call. You can also tap “Start Call” to receive an immediate fake call.

fake call 2

After the specified time, you will receive a call on your iPhone. Here’s your ticket to leave the boring meeting or grueling event.

fake call 3

The best part of Smart Fake Call app is that you can even specify a voice message recording which will be played when you pick the call. This literally closes all the doors for anyone doubting the validity of the call you receive from this app. A photo, a number, a name and a voice from the other end; what else do you need in a call.




images: iPhonehacks

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This is really needed for all those times you need to avoid a situations (Y)

Techno Keet April 16, 2016 - 9:11 am

Thanks for writing about Smart Fake Call app. We have recently released new version of it.

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