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Scholarships opportunities for Higher Learning in STEM

by Milicent Atieno
Scholarships opportunities for Higher Learning in STEM

From my Geography class back in Primary School, I remember something about, ‘the higher you go, the cooler it becomes.’ Well, that was about altitude. Nonetheless, it remains true about climbing the education ladder. The higher up the education ladder one climbs, the cooler life becomes; regarding getting more opportunities and the abilities to change your life.

However, climbing that ladder comes at a very high cost, and more often than not, most students opt for the student loans. Since it is often more readily available to promising students, but it also means your first few years in employment will involve you having to meet the loan payments. Woe unto you, if you fail to secure a job soon after leaving campus.

That said, going for a loan should be the last option; the first option should be securing a scholarship. The thing you should know about scholarships is, the best time to apply for it is yesterday, and the next best time is now. You need to apply for scholarships as early as possible. That means, when you are in your senior year in high school, you should already be out hunting for scholarships.

Scholarships Opportunities for STEM students

You will be surprised just how many scholarships are out there and are not receiving enough applicants. To get them, you need to put yourself out there in the search, as it seems not enough people are searching for them.

The following are some scholarship opportunities brought to our attention by Edutude:

Davidson Fellows Scholarships

*Frank Kazmierczak Memorial Migrant Scholarship

*Siemens Math, Science, and Technology Award Scholarships

*Students Shaping the Future of TV Scholarship

*Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarships

*American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship

In addition to applying for scholarships, you should also apply for Grants, Work Study, and Financial Aid from the universities and colleges you would like to attend.

To add to the list of scholarships above, check out this list of scholarships opportunities from our previous post.

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