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#ScienceAfrica UnConference: Africa’s Scientific Independence, No More Business as Usual | July 21st

by Felix Omondi
#ScienceAfrica UnConference: Africa’s Scientific Independence, No More Business as Usual | July 21st

The Planet Earth Institute (PEI) will be holding its annual #ScienceAfrica UnConference on July 21st. This year’s series will be bigger and better than those of the previous years. In attendance will be more than 150 delegates from the business, academia, and policy-makers communities. This high profiled team of guests will spend an exciting day interacting with the high-level panelist in a discussion focusing on groups and participant-led workshops.

The PEI firmly believes that for-profit organization can and should be in the lead in sparking scientific and technological revolution across the continent. As the leading employer, for-profit companies can also equip the youth and dynamic population with the relevant skills needed to thrive in the present socio-economic ecosystem that is increasingly dependent on science and technology. They can achieve this goal while still securing their best interest as far as business growth and profits are concerned.

The #ScienceAfrica UnConference will be addressing some of the key challenges, the variety of trends, and the various opportunities, that comes with the Africa’s pursuit for science, technology and education revolution. The attendees at the event will be put to task by brainstorming various innovative ways the private sector can contribute towards scientific and technological development in Africa. Bearing in mind they will be collaborating with the governments, academic institutions and the civil societies to come up with a sustainable and all-inclusive growth plan for all regions on the continent.

At the event, the new President of Mauritius, Dr. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim GSK, CSK, alongside PEI Trustees Rt Hon Lord Boateng and Sir Christopher Edwards will give the opening address. The panelist will include:

Professor Naledi Pandor, Minister of Science and Technology, South Africa

Minister Professor Sandy Tickodri-Togboa, Minister of Higher Education, Uganda

Professor Mary Teuw Niane, Minister of Higher Education, Senegal

Kamal Bhattacharya, Director of IBM Research-Africa

HE Frederick Kawuma, Secretary General, Inter-Africa Coffee Organization

Cosmas Milton Obote Ochieng, Executive Directors, ACTS

You are also highly encouraged to send in your video showing how Africa can leverage on science and technology to achieve growth and prosperity. You can also include how the private sector can take the driving wheel in this scientific and technological advancement. Click here to submit your video.

To get the complete overview of the event, click here for the event’s brochure.

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