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Search Engine Optimization Mistakes you should Avoid


If 2020 has so far established anything in the world of internet marketing, it is that the SEO is not dead. So you still need to work on it and keep upgrading your techniques with the evolving landscape to make sure you stay ahead of the curve. In this rat-race of following everything and anything, it is essential to make sure you are not making any mistakes, which could jeopardize your SERP rankings.

Aside from rank, an SEO mistake can cost you:

  • Your reputation
  • Your ROI
  • Your customer base

Allow us to help you be aware of some of the common SEO mistakes that you need to avoid going forward with your internet marketing in 2020:

Not Focusing On The Quality Of The Content:

Writing content for the sake of writing and keeping your website updated is not going to land your business anywhere in the world of the internet. Your focus when it comes to content should be quality and not churning out a bulk load of content. Invest judiciously in different types of content-images, infographics, videos. Your content needs to be written with a search intent keeping the target-audience needs and requirements in mind; otherwise, it is going to fall flat. Create a dedicated team of content marketers that will make sure that your content is being presented to the right set of audiences and generates a higher return on investment.

Implementing Obsolete Techniques:

While we understand certain techniques stand the test of time and still yield a higher return on investment, the same can’t be said about every SEO tactic that is even two years old. Internet is changing at a rapid pace, and so are the algorithms of Google, which is the leading search engine and a prominent mode of driving traffic for businesses online. Implementing traditional methods in this age of cut-throat competition is only going to hurt your business and rank. Old techniques can get you penalized as well. It will help if you stay updated with the SEO trends.

Slow Loading Page:

Does your website load slowly? This could be the reason for the increasing bounce rate on your website. If you have been following the latest trends, you would know that one of the criteria for high ranking as per Google’s algorithm is the loading time. Yes, your website speed matters, and its time you optimize it.

Moreover, we all know how short the attention span of the audience is. They won’t take 2 minutes to jump to a different website that has better speed than yours than wait for the page of the product they are looking for to load. A fast loading website will have low bounce rates, and the possibility of conversion will also increase.

Wrong Keyword Strategy:

Is the content you have published riddled with silly errors that are hampering your SEO rank? Is your keyword strategy the problem? Are you stuffing the content with keywords just for ranking higher? Are you ranking on the wrong keyword for the current landscape? This is why you need a professional SEO service to guide you through the primary and complex SEO intricacies with effective results.

You can either be wary of these mistakes at every step and dedicate a team of under-qualified and over occupied in-house members or hire a Hubspot Certified Search Engine Optimization company that will have its team of certified professionals ensures your website ranks in the top search engine queries. You will be saving time, money, and other vital resources that can be invested in achieving the core objectives of the business and maximizing efficiency.

Fortunately, you can find search engine optimization experts that cover every aspect of business digital marketing strategies. For example, if you’re looking to promote your goods and services through Google Ads search results, you’ll find a Google Ads agency capable of helping you achieve just that. Most of such agencies have partnered with Google in various ways, so you know you’ll be driving organic traffic to your website to boost sales. 

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