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Seedstarsworld Competition Semi Finals To Be Held In Lagos June 6th

by Felix Omondi

Seedstarsworld Competition Semi Finals To Be Held In Lagos June 6th

Seedstarsworld (SSW) is a worldwide competition for start-ups that are venturing into fast-growing markets and emerging scenes. The competition acknowledges the abundance of unexploited opportunities and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who are yet to be discovered. SSW prides itself of being the only worldwide startup competition meant to pitch innovative entrepreneurships and ideas from the new emerging markets and the rapidly growing start-ups scenes.

Seedstarsworld Competition Semi Finals To Be Held In Lagos June 6th

The semi finals competition will take place on June 6th, 2014 in Lagos, Nigeria. Winners will join their counterparts from other regions of the world in Geneva, Switzerland for the Global Competition. This semi finals rounds to be held in Lagos, has been made possible through collaboration of SSW with the CoCreation Hub which will facilitate the event as well as providing the venue. The competition is only open to start-ups which fulfil the following requirements:

  1. The startup should not be more than 2 years old.
  2. Should have a capital funding not exceeding $500,000.
  3. The startup can be from any field, as long as it is for profit.
  4. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) available.

If you are a startup and perhaps you are not yet convinced as to why you should apply for this opportunity to pitch your ideas. Then Innov8tiv gives you some tips on the benefits of participating at the SSW event:

  1. Equity Investment: SSW participant who come in 1st place at the worldwide level get an equity investment, while Regional Winners get the platform to network with Business Angels and VCs from all over the globe.
  2. Media Coverage: If you are a serious entrepreneur then you should never pass up the opportunity for positive media limelight. Regional event participants will get regional media coverage while those who win at regional levels will get international media coverage at the Final Event which will be at the global level.
  3. Worldwide Prestige: Participants who win at the Regional level will get to represent their respective countries at the worldwide Final Event. In front of a high profiled international jury and with international media covering their pitch. While the winner at the grand finale will be awarded the prestigious denomination of Seedstars World Best Startup.
  4. Partnerships: By simply participating in this event, you get to network with potential partners and investors. In essence you get a chance to meet potential suppliers, potential acquirers, peer companies and potential B2B customers.

The jury member comprises of Nellie Horn of Seedstarsworld and Ndidi Okonkwo of LEAP Africa. Applications are still open but you need to be invited in order for you to be able to apply. For details on how to get your invitation please follow this link. However, Innov8tiv has obtained the invitation code from this link and the Invite Code is ssw-lagos. Click here to apply.

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