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Send Styled, Colorful, Fancy Emails in Mac using This Amazing Feature in Mail App

by Fahad Saleem

When it comes to emails, I am a big fan of simplicity and brevity. But there are some situations in which you need to fancy up things a bit, or add customizations. If you are a Mac OS user, you can use the Stationery feature in the Mail app to personalize and customize your emails. You can add colors, balloons and a lot of other stuff. You can change fonts and add styles to your email text. If you are writing a long email to your client or boss, you can style the email to mark clear distinction between the text. This helps the reader to understand the intent and text easily.

Launch Mail app in your Mac. Now create a new email. Type in the recipient, add subject and other necessary things.

On the upper right corner of the new email composition window, you will see a button for Stationery email. Click on that.

You will see a lot of available stationery styles and templates. You can click on any template and the whole email will be given that style and template.

You can select whatever style you prefer, and send the email. The recipient will get the email in the same style.

styled emails 2 styled emails 3 styled emails 4 styled emails mac 1

This is a very useful feature to send emails in style.

Embed Images in Styled Emails in Mac

Many of the Mac Stationery templates have placeholder images on them. This means that you can embed any image in a styled email in Mac by simply dragging and dropping it on the placeholder image. A placeholder image is usually marked by a smiley. You will be able to spot a placeholder image in a template pretty easily.

This is how to send styled, personalized emails in Mac using the Stationery feature. In case of any question or confusion, comment on this post and we will get back to you.

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