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How to send Voice Messages on WhatsApp without launching the app

by Felix Omondi

This following trick is by no means something new, it has been around for a while, but it seems no so many people are aware of it. It is most appropriate for those times you want a hands-free use of your WhatsApp messenger; when you are not feeling up to typing or when you are driving.

First, you will need to have Google Assistant app running on your Android phone. Next, enable ‘Ok Google’ voice detection. From there, when your phone is in idle mode, you simply say ‘Ok Google, send a voice message to’ followed by the name of the contact you want to send the message to.

You will be followed by some on-screen prompts on how to record the voice message. At the end of your voice message recording, simply say, ‘Ok Google, send.’ Voila, and just like that, you will have the voice message sent to your contact without you ever having to launch the WhatsApp app on your phone.

This trick will be ideal for those instances when you want to use WhatsApp hands-free.

And in other news…

Did you know that by touching on the center-left side of your contacts WhatsApp Statuses the picture or video will move to the previous while tapping on the center-right side will proceed to the next swiftly?

In a nutshell, touch center-left once, you go to previous, and touch center-right again to go to next status. This trick might be useful if you didn’t get enough time to read through your contacts’ Statuses.

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