Serious Career Hacks for Future IT Pros

Serious Career Hacks for Future IT Pros

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The 2020s might go down in history as the golden age for IT careers. That’s primarily because so many people are discovering that the once-limited field has expanded beyond their wildest dreams to encompass all kinds of specialties, career paths, sub-specialties, and intriguing occupations. Gone are the days when nearly every person in the technology sector was either a programmer or software engineer.

Today’s pros include people from all walks of life with every imaginable combination of education and experience. While there’s endless variation and opportunity, getting a college degree in one of the tech-oriented fields remains the single best way to begin building a long-term career in IT. In addition to a diploma, there’s plenty of value in earning one or more certifications, creating a spot-on resume, doing research on prospective employers, and teaming up with a top-notch employment agency. Consider the following tactics for launching your technology career.

Finance a Four-Year College Degree

Making the grades and completing a four-year college program in any tech-related major is no easy feat. However, many people achieve that aim and live to talk about it. Fortunately, it’s easy to apply for student loans before beginning a serious academic program of coursework. Once the financial situation is taken care of, students are better able to spend time studying and acquiring relevant skills. If there’s one hack that makes the biggest difference in a tech-oriented career, it’s a degree. The good news is that most colleges and universities now offer dozens of majors in the broad field of IT and similar technical subjects. That makes it easier for people to select sub-categories and specific courses that appeal to them.

Get Certified ASAP

If you want to land your dream job there are hundreds of valuable and career enhancing certifications you can get these days. The point for ambitious technology careerists is to find two or three that apply specifically to the field in which you wish to specialize and get busy earning them. The vast majority of certs are set up for online study, though a few of the higher-level designations require at least one in-person examination. Note that prices vary widely for the most common certifications, so always take the time to shop around for the best bargains.

Research Potential Employers

If you receive multiple job offers or are interested in working for specific companies, research the organization’s history, financial stability, and other aspects of its long-term business health. Don’t forget to check out reputable online review sites where you can learn what current and former employees have to say about working for the company. During a lengthy job search, aim to spend about 30 minutes per day researching the corporations that interest you the most.

Hire a Resume Writer

It’s worth the money to hire a professional resume writer to help you put your best face forward. Collect all the basic data about past jobs, internships, education, and other relevant details. Then, you can deliver the raw data to the writer and have a brief discussion about the kinds of jobs you’re searching for. Screen prospective resume writers carefully in order to connect with one who has experience with tech-related candidates.

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