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Serve Customers Internationally? 3 Reasons your Business needs a US Phone Number


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Starting a business comes with many unexpected costs and fees, making it essential to save money where you can. Getting a toll-free US number or a phone number tied to a US area code can be one of the best money-saving business decisions you can make.

How to Get a US Phone Number When You’re Outside the US

Getting a US number from outside the US isn’t a complex process, but you need to sign up for an app service that gives out phone numbers to an international audience. For example, paid services like OpenPhone allow you to access hundreds of US phone numbers from their app.

OpenPhone and other companies like it only require you to create an account, select your city and area code, then pick a number. It won’t matter if you live outside of the US or if you want to serve international customers. However, there is a difference between free and paid services.

Free vs. Paid US Phone Number Services

Paid phone services offer more features to their users and are typically available to international users. Most paid services include SMS and MMS support, automatic call recording, shared phone numbers, cut-off times, voicemail, call routing, integrations, and much more.

However, free phone number services, like Google Voice, TextFree, and Line, don’t offer the same flexibility or support. These services aren’t even optimal for small businesses, as they won’t allow you to share phone numbers or set up different profiles under the same account.

Although a free service can help you save a lot of money upfront, they aren’t suitable for scaling even when you account for their paid add-ons. Free phone apps are also less efficient than their paid counterparts, so you may alienate your customers if your response time is slow.

It’s better to purchase a US-based phone number right now rather than wait for your business to grow. Upgrading your paid system is much easier than switching from a free provider.

Why Your Business Needs a US Phone Number

While you could use a local phone number, there are many reasons why getting a US number is a good move for your business. Here’s why a US phone number benefit’s your company.

1. A US Number Legitimizes Your Business

The United States is considered one of the business capitals of the world, and that reputation won’t be lost on your customers. Whether you’re calling from the US or to the US, your customers are more likely to see your business as reliable, legitimate, and large in scale.

Sometimes a toll-free number can get the same results if your customers can look you up online. However, a US area code is instantly recognizable and, therefore, more legitimate.

2. Businesses Can Call US Numbers Without Fees

Americans generate and earn 20% of the world’s total income despite the fact they account for less than 5% of the global population. To capitalize on that market, you’re probably going to call US customers regularly, but that leaves you open to high monthly fees from a foreign number.

With that in mind, it’s time to do away with your local number. It makes sense to choose a US number over anything else because you’ll hit the most amount of customers for the lowest price.

3. US Customers Answer Calls From US Numbers

US customers are understandably suspicious of calls that come from outside of the US. Your customers will assume that a phone number without a US area code is probably a spam caller or a telemarketer. Unfortunately, that means they won’t answer the phone when you call.

If you have a US phone number, or preferably, multiple numbers that change based on the state you’re calling, they’re more likely to pick up. They’re also more likely to hear you out.

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