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Services You Can Expect From a Cyber Security Company in Washington DC

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While Washington, DC is the epicenter of American politics, it is also a bustling business hub, being home to top Fortune 500 companies spanning various industries.

As per a 2019 report, Washington, DC tops the list of regions most vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Being the capital city, it hosts several government establishments and leading companies in the regulatory field. And such institutions are often prone to cyber-attacks by foreign agencies.

So, if you live in a city like Washington, DC, it is best to consult an expert for protecting your network from potential hackers. There are reputable cyber security companies in DC that provide solutions to prevent cybercriminals from accessing your confidential information. Here are some of the top services you can expect from a leading cybersecurity agency in the US capital.

Cyber Security for Government Agency Network

In December 2020, the White House reported cyber-attacks on the US Treasury Department and US Department of Commerce by foreign entities.

When it comes to government agencies, each establishment has its set of protocols to safeguard sensitive information, thus protecting the nation from cybercriminals.

Leading professionals understand stringent government policies and regulations. They use the latest technology to protect networks from such attacks and filter out malware applications accordingly. Adhering to the government protocols and timeline, they provide cybersecurity and information protection services to various government agencies.

Cyber Security for Commercial Business Network

Washington, DC is home to over 70,000 small businesses, with a highly-capable workforce and innovative minds contributing to a thriving business landscape.

Every data related to your firm is crucial, and if it falls into the wrong hands, it can make you run out of business. When you have an online footprint, chances are you could be a victim of potential cyber-attacks.

The reputable cyber security companies in DC evaluate your firewall and intrusion detection systems (IDS) for gaps, thus protecting your online business data from hackers.

Cyber Security for Residential Network

While over 80% of Washington, DC households have access to the internet, about 70% have a broadband subscription at home.

And with the pandemic outbreak, working from home has made a safe home network even more imperative.

Top specialists can help you set up your home network and VPN from scratch and remotely resolve hackers’ threats. They provide the necessary precautions to help you carry out personal work over the internet, such as a secure financial transaction.

Services for Protecting Your Sensitive Data from Getting Stolen

In March 2020, Washington, DC enacted bill number B23-0215, establishing a new regulatory reporting requirement if the breach affected 50 or more DC residents.

Once your data gets stolen, you will find yourself spending high amounts on technical investigations and following the regulatory action points. In worst cases, you will have to spend hours retrieving all the lost data to get your business revenue back on track.

Experienced professionals offer services to protect your confidential data, ensuring you run your business or work on your home network hassle-free.

Services for Protection from Viruses

In 2020, hackers inserted virus software supplied by the SolarWinds, jolting the capital city. While Russia was a suspect, the Russian Embassy in Washington, DC, denied the claim.

Leading consultants provide sophisticated antivirus software packages. Once you install it on your device, you can use it without worrying about virus attacks. The antivirus warns you and blocks virus downloads, ensuring your online activity is secure.

Services for Protection from Phishing Scams

Recently, CDC, IRS and other federal sites got spoofed in a global phishing scam. The email listed a phone number with a Washington, DC area code for media inquiries and redirected the recipients to a spoofed site to enter their bank details.

Phishing emails are possible through channels like link manipulation, fake websites, CEO fraud, session hijacking, to name a few.

Top cybersecurity consultants help you protect your information and money. You can perform secure financial transactions without worrying about your business funds while safeguarding your passwords and ID information.

Services to Build an Infrastructure with Tailor-made Solutions

Typically, it takes about $220 to start a low liability company in Washington, DC. If you wish to start a small business with such a low investment, your infrastructure should be right on the spot.

Experienced professionals clearly understand your cybersecurity requirements, and accordingly, they build an infrastructure for your company or home. They also work on resolving the glitches in your existing network.

Summing Up

Washington DC is a global hub for cybersecurity enthusiasts. From GovSummit 2021 to Cyber Security Resolutions: Starting 2021 Off Right, the capital city will host various conferences on this booming topic this year.

Hire the best cyber security companies in DC to secure your commercial and residential networks for a peaceful life.

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