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How to Set an Animated GIF Wallpaper in Your iPhone

by Fahad Saleem

How to Set an Animated GIF Wallpaper in Your iPhone

Do you like to infuse life in your iPhone wallpaper? Yes, you can achieve this feat easily by setting an animated GIF as your iPhone wallpaper via GIFPaper8 tweak for jailbroken devices. Your iOS device will look dashing after this tweak. Let’s see how you will make this amazing thing possible.

You can set a GIF image as your wallpaper for iPhone. Animations can be embedded in GIF images using a variety of ways. Open a webpage from your Safari browser that contains your favorite image, containing animations, and tap on it to view the menu. You can choose the “Set Wallpaper” option for making it your new wallpaper.

animated gif wallpaper in iphone

Compared to the predecessor, this amazing tweak provides some great new features such as the ability to set GIF images from the Photos app. You can easily configure it using the tweak’s preferences pane. From there, you can enable or disable the tweak via the kill switch toggle. You can also customize the appearance of animated GIF wallpaper by using the scale mode and its animation speed. You can also enjoy a Separate and a Combined Wallpaper mode. The Separate mode allows you to set a particular GIF image for either the Home Screen or Lock Screen. The Combined option sets it for both.

You can also set animated GIF as wallpaper by using the URL of the image and select it directly from the stock Photos app.

The app works quite well, but it contains some drawbacks also. It slows down the performance of your device to a certain extent. You will observe the glitch by switching between different apps. If you still prefer using GIFPaper 8 to set animated GIF as your iPhone wallpaper, you can grab it from BigBoss repository of Cydia store for just $1.

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