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Seven Hills for a Footstool: Discover Kampala

Seven Hills for a Footstool: Discover Kampala

Seven Hills for a Footstool: Discover Kampala

Just a few kilometers away from Lake Victoria, and sprawled across seven hills, is the capital of Uganda-Kampala.

The unique feel of this cosmopolitan city is a major reflection of harmonized co-existence of both modern and ancient civilization; the national museum is located on the highest hill, while one of the world’s Bahai temples of worship stands not too far. Kampala has both the sacred resting place of Buganda kings, as well as the modern day parliament where the government sits. People are very friendly and hospitable.

There are several faces to Kampala. From the chaotic jam of central Kampala with its busy streets, to the Nakasero Hill where you quickly hit Kampala’s most expensive hotels as the urban core fades into something of a garden city. In addition to embassies and government buildings, you will find thriving businesses as well as some fairly exclusive residential zones, home to swanky restaurants and bars.

Jovago’s Top 3

1 – National Museum

Seven Hills for a Footstool: Discover Kampala

The national museum of Uganda is recorded as one of the best and oldest museum in East Africa, housing a varied collection covering culture and history. The museum revolves mainly around ethnography and culture, showcasing the ways of the Ugandan people as well as different fossils portraying man’s evolution.

2 – Kasubi Tombs

Seven Hills for a Footstool: Discover Kampala

The Kasubi Tombs in KampalaUganda, is the site of the royal burial grounds for four Kabakas (King of Buganda Kingdom) This UNESCO site was established in 1881 and serves an important role in both spiritual and political matters of the Baganda people.

3 –Namirembe Church

Seven Hills for a Footstool: Discover Kampala

Namirembe Cathedral was the first Anglican Church built in Uganda, built in 1919 and still stands impressively in its ancient architecture. This was the fourth structure after the first three were destroyed in natural calamities. Be sure to take a shot next to the 1931-built organ!



Most of the best restaurants are in Nakasero and Kisementi. If longing for a drink or dance, try Kabagala along Ggaba road, it’s a popular strip for restaurants and bars.


Garden City and Nakumatt Oasis Mall in Nakasero are the best malls for shopping. If you are looking to buy fresh vegetables and fruits, Nakasero Market will be your best bargain.


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Fun Fact

Boda- boda

Seven Hills for a Footstool: Discover Kampala

Very scenic transportation to avoid traffic, taxis on two wheels (bicycles or motorcycles) are popular throughout the country

Safety: It’s safe to walk around virtually everywhere in the daytime and downtown doesn’t shut down until well into the evening.

Money: Uganda Shillings, All International Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard) are accepted in the ATM.

Exchange Rate:

Country Code: +256

Main Airport: Entebbe International Airport, 35 km from Kampala

Visa Requirement:

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