The Seven Must Have Travelers’ Essentials

Ideally, your vacation should be an escape from all your daily hustle and bustle. The time when you get to escape it all; your work, your boss, your nosy friends…this list could go on and on.

Bottom line is when we go off to a vacation, we want to be as carefree as possible, to let loose and let life live. However, some caution needs to be taken to avoid any regret (long-time regrets for that matter). Online hotel booking has share with us some must have travelers’ essentials.

Water purifier

Never be fooled by pristine and clear-looking waters, the disease-causing micro-organisms could very well be lurking in there waiting for their next host and victim. You are better off playing it safe, and not take drinking water at face value. Instead, carry with you a portable water purifier, which you will pour water inside and only drink from it.

These water purifiers come in different forms, from those using micro-filters, UV-purifiers, and tablets. A good example would be terracotta water purifier. Just be sure to purchase the purifiers before embarking on your trip. That way, you get the chance to familiarize yourself with how it works, and how you’re supposed to maintain and clean it.

Portable charger and Power bank

Bush or beach, a dead battery is one item that can throw any wanderer off their path. Apart from the various moments that could go uncaptured, lack of communication and any other service that requires a charged gadget can spell havoc on a neatly arranged itinerary. There are a number of chargers and portable power banks in the market, chose depending on brand quality, capacity and the right connector to avoid mishaps.

Adapters, Converters and Transformers

As technical as this may sound, it’s all about your convenience. If travelling across border especially, you’ll definitely realize that electrical standardization is still a far off mirage. While adapters simply change the shape of the plug to allow you to connect, converters and transformers are used to regulate power flow to the gadget in use, in adherence to locally set current and voltage.

Backup memory storage


Whether on cloud, in an external hard disk, micro SD or CompactFlash, backing up your files will save you from the frustration of lost files. Recruit your back up army depending on your needs; do you want something portable? How big are your files and finally, can your fleet synchronize especially for purposes of file transfer?

The Scottevest


This phenomenal jacket has no doubt the ability to replace your carry-on bag. The Scottevest has a number of sewn in pockets and partitioned lining that allows one to walk around with their gadgets and other personal effects literally strapped on them. For the trendy however, the piece can quite make one look dorky, but again, it’s more about function than style! You can layer your armor to match your usual outfit in an adventurous way as opposed to just throwing it on.

Or … your Rain Poncho


Believe you me, nature has a way of pulling fast ones on unsuspecting globetrotters. Forget the statistics and the weatherman; a poncho in your carry-on will definitely save the day. Go for one with a hood that can zip back in to avoid turning it into a bucket when the heavens open.

Your Pain Pills, Band Aid and Personal Effects


From basic painkillers and syrups to your go-to laxative; pack this box of wisdom with just enough to keep your anxiety levels from going on an overdrive. While at it, throw in the all-colorful sewing kit (from your last hotel stay) a miniscule tube of toothpaste and a pack of breath fresheners for any unseen layover.

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