Should I Start a YouTube Channel in 2020-2021 to Make Money? Success Stories for your Motivation

Everyone’s starting a YouTube channel these days. The market looks saturated, right? Wrong. The thirst for original (ORIGINAL), entertaining, problem-solving content never fades away.

If you are thinking to start a YouTube channel, I have three success stories for you to motivate you.

But please keep in mind, don’t start a YouTube channel just to make money. In fact, it’s extremely hard and time-consuming to make money with Ads on YouTube.

Play on your strengths. Sell a service or product, or just build a community around you. Money will come later.

Videos Creators

As I said, if you want to make money on YouTube, sell a service or a product. Don’t just rely on the AdSense money. That’s exactly what the creator of YouTube channel “Video Creators” did. He was in a media job, helping a company expand its reach via videos on YouTube. When that job ended, he started his own YouTube channel, teaching people how to make great YouTube videos. He teaches tips, tricks, courses and strategies to launch YouTube channels.

According to the founder of the channel, he is making $10,000 per month from this channel, selling an ebook, consultancy and services.

Read the full success story here


This guy was shy of the camera, so he decided to launch his YouTube channel without showing his face. In fact, he never even spoke in the videos. According to him, his YouTube channel was making $70 per month, even when he was not posting regular videos. The niche of the channel was educational.

Read the full story here to find out how the guy started this channel and how he is targeting his audience.

Narrating Horror Stories

Craig started a YouTube channel where he tell horror stories in an audio format. It’s a narration of horror story books. The niche is unique, and highly targeted. The channel, called “Chilling Tales for Dark Nights” now has 350,000 subscribers.

Craig is now making thousands of dollars in podcasts, story-telling deals, narration and much more.

Read the full story here

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