Should I Upgrade to iPhone 11 from iPhone XS? A Detailed Look Into Pros and Cons

Minus the Apple fanboys, everyone would weigh the options before making that big jump and upgrading to iPhone 11. You need to dig into pros and cons of your $700 investment. If you have iPhone XS and wondering whether you should upgrade to iPhone 11 or not, read on as we dig deeper into the pros and cons of switching to iPhone 11 and its related iterations.

Should I Upgrade to iPhone 11 from iPhone XS? A Detailed Look Into Pros and Cons

Camera of iPhone 11 

The major plus point is the camera quality of iPhone 11, a huge shift from iPhone XS. The difference is change of telephoto camera in XS to wide angle camera in iPhone 11. Also, XS offers Optical image stabilization in both rear cameras, unlike iPhone 11 which only has wide angle camera. But the image quality with deep fusion and automatically selecting the best shot with artificial intelligence on mere pressing of button while removing noise and color effects gives an edge to iPhone 11.

Night Mode

Upgraded night mode and focusing towards sound while filming to make the most life-like memories at night parties might be a golden yes for you. But in my personal opinion this isn’t what makes iPhone 11 worth it.


Similarly, A13 Bionic in iPhone 11 is an upgrade from XS A 12 Bionic. A13 has 6-cores, 4-cores and high efficiency with 20 % faster output and 40% less power consumption as compared to A 12 Bionic. Also, GPU is updated for metal. But it might not be as noticeable difference in daily life as per some users.


If the 5.8 inches’ screen is not enough of a display for you, you might like to switch to 6.1 inches’ screen in iPhone 11. And for some of you the striking thing might be getting your phone in your favorite color like purple that is offered in iPhone 11.


If you hate seeing that low battery alert while in you are in the middle of something very important, 5 additional battery hours can be your push towards iPhone 11 from XS.


Although the iPhone 11 display with Liquid OLED is great but some users don’t find it as fascinating as the display on XS. Build quality is also considered a downgrade from stainless steel in iPhone XS to Aluminum in iPhone 11.

How to Switch With Less Money?

If the features are dragging you to buy but the price is way too high, you might avail the Apple trade in program that some users may give their XS and get $500 back. You need to add little more as compared to paying the full price.

As per some users, with software updates by Apple, keeping the older versions of iPhone is much easier as there are no huge changes like 5G networks etc. that was expected in iPhone 11. For example, latest iOS 13 update supports models like 6S even, then why not have software upgrade at XS and save some $700 and wait for some major changes if these are not enough.

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