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Should you or should you not use GB WhatsApp, the clone for the original WhatsApp

by Felix Omondi
gb whatsapp

The Facebook-owned instant messaging service WhatsApp has become a popular app for communication. As a matter of fact, it is the most popular instant messaging planet right now on the planet. And users use it a boatload of reasons, whether official or personal.

However, a clone of the app, GB WhatsApp is gaining traction among some few users of the original WhatsApp app who want to bend the rules the instant messaging platform has set. With GB WhatsApp, you get to bend the rules WhatsApp has set in place.

What attracts people to GB WhatsApp

With GB WhatsApp you can send a maximum of 90 pictures at once. The cap for the official WhatsApp is just 30 pictures at once.
Viewing contact’s status stories. The official WhatsApp app will let your contacts know you have viewed their status stories if you have enabled Read Receipts. If you disable it, they will not know you viewed their Status and you will not get to know if they viewed yours. It is a quid-pro-quo arrangement. However, with GB WhatsApp, you can prevent your contacts from knowing you viewed their Status Stories, while you get to know who viewed yours.
Single Grey, Double Grey, and Blue Ticks. When you send a message on the official WhatsApp app, you first get a single Grey Tick, which lets you know the message has been sent. Double Grey Ticks if the message has been delivered to the recipient. When the person reads the message, you get double Blue Ticks; if they have the Read Receipts enabled. With GB WhatsApp, you can read a sent message, but on the sender’s side they will still see a single grey tick.
Appear offline, while you are still online. In the official WhatsApp app, your contact may see the last time you were online, and when you are online. GB WhatsApp enables you to be online, while your contact sees you are offline.
GB WhatsApp alerts you when a contact comes online. The official WhatsApp does not do that, and there is no indication that is something they might do in the future.


Why you should not use GB WhatsApp

Well, if the moral reasons that it is a copy cat, profiting from someone else’s idea. Then you should consider the fact it is not available via any of the official app stores. That means, it is unregulated, and on several occasions, security experts have picked issues with its source codes.

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