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Shoutem – The Easy Drag & Drop Platform For Creating Mobile Apps

by Felix Omondi
Shoutem – The Easy Drag & Drop Platform For Creating Mobile Apps

If you are looking to make money online then developing mobile apps is one way to go. It is also a good marketing strategy for businesses looking to capitalize on the growing use of mobile apps by consumers. Thus, mobile apps creation platforms like Shoutem play an important role.

Stats show many people are accessing the Internet via their mobile phone, and the use of laptops and desktop PCs is steadily on the decline. Meaning, as a business you need to optimize your website for mobile devices and go a step further to provide your target customers with a mobile app. Doing so, will give your business a competitive edge over your peers that don’t.

These stats also show that consumers prefer using a brand’s mobile app compared to the mobile optimized website, with mobile apps they get information faster and easier. As a business, you need to avail a fully interactive mobile app to your targeted customers in addition to optimizing your site to become mobile friendly.

However, the cost of developing a mobile app can be expensive especially for startups businesses that fall under the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) category. Given the cost of starting and running a business, additional overheads such as contracting a professional developer to make a mobile app for your business might dent your budget too much.

Well, such overheads might not be necessary. If you have just the basic technical skills, Shoutem allows you to create mobile apps to meet your needs. You don’t even need coding skills; the platform works with a drag and drop format. Additionally you get to create a mobile app with a range of features such as push notifications, and it has powerful analytics among other features.

The Outbound Manager at Shoutem Inc., Barbara Drežnjak told Innov8tiv the following about the Shoutem mobile app creation platform:

Shoutem allows you to create stunning mobile apps in an easy and fun drag and drop way, without any coding knowledge required. With the range of features like Loyalty, E-Commerce, Social, News, Deals, in combination with powerful analytics, push notifications and many monetization options. You will be able to engage your users and draw attention to your business in this mobile world.”

If you want to create a mobile app for your business or any other reason, Shoutem gives you an easy and inexpensive platform to do so. Why not give it a test drive by heading to the Shoutem website ( and see how the platform works?

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