How to Shutdown Windows PC with Voice Command to Cortana

Cortana is the Microsoft’s virtual assistant. It is one of the most famous features of Windows 10 devices. It comes installed in Windows 10 machines and Windows mobiles; people prefer it for carrying out daily tasks like search, playing music, finding a nearby restaurant, opening apps and much more. But sometimes, doing straightforward tasks with Cortana becomes difficult. Shutting down computer with Cortana is perhaps the most wanted feature. Yet, on the face of it, it seems d

ifficult because users don’t know how to do it. Similarly, other
simple but vitally important tasks like turning on computer, closing and opening apps are difficult to perform with Cortana. This article shows how to shutdown computer with Cortana voice command. You will be happy to find out that how easy it is.

Shutdown Windows PC with Voice Command Cortana

In order to enable the configuration to shutdown computer with Cortana voice command, just open the computer explorer and type the following command in the text bar as shown in the image below.

C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

Make sure to replace “Users” with the name of your system. After typing and executing the command above, you will be moved to the Programs folder.

Now right click in the Program folder and create a new “shortcut” by going to the new shortcut option as depicted in the image below.

Now, in the location field, you have to type the following script.

shutdown.exe -s -t 40

Please note than –t 40 is the for the time delay which will happen after you give the shutdown command. This time delay is added to avoid any shutdown by mistake. So for example, if you have given a shutdown call to Cortana, you can undo that by going to Windows command prompt. But you can also write the location script without any delay. That would mean that your Windows PC will be shutdown immediately.

Now open the Mic of your Windows computer in order to say the command. If you haven’t configured the mic yet, just type “Mic” in the search bar and you will see a settings icon where you can set the mic.

Now say  ‘Open Shutdown’ or ‘Open Shut Down EXE’ and you will see a screen prompt telling you that the system would be shutdown.

If you want to restart Windows computer with a voice command to Cortana, just replace “s” with “r” in the shortcut script written above.

So it is all about making the right shortcuts. If you face any problem doing the process above, just comment on this post and I will solve the problem for you.


Image: AddictiveTips

Fahad Saleem

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