What Silicon Valley Really Looks Like For Women

What Silicon Valley Really Looks Like For Women

The tech industry, like many other businesses, contains a significant proportion of male employees. Major tech companies like Apple, Facebook and Google carried out the diversity statistics to show the breakdown of their workforces. Gender factor is dominant in tech industries as highlighted with the help of some statistics below.

The global workforce of Apple comprises 70% men and 30% women. When you talk about pure tech positions in Apple, the distribution is even more aligned towards male dominance (80%). The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook took notice of these numbers and declared that he wasn’t satisfied with the distribution.

Facebook unveiled the diversity statistics in June last year that showed 69% men and 31% female workers. The tech positions are completely dominated by men (85%). While the company has hired Sheryl Sandberg as Chief Operating Officer, but still, the overall percentage of women in senior positions is restricted to just 23%.

Amazon’s statistics are slightly better in terms of workforce breakdown. The global workforce of the company shows 37% female and 63% male workers. However, the statistics get poor when you narrow down the scope to management positions. Only one quarter of major tech positions are held by women.

Google also follows the trend of other tech giants in terms of workforce breakdown. The company admitted that it feared disclosing the workforce breakdown because it is far from their target. The company that has revolutionized the searching process on web contains 30% women and 70% men.

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In the light of above statistics, it is evident that tech industry doesn’t give justified role to women for taking an active part in contributing to the digital world. Women carry great technical expertise and can compete with men at highest level. So their role in tech industry should be justified by employing more female workers in core tech positions.

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