How to SIM Unlock Galaxy S7, S7 Edge for Free

Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of the best Android phones released to date. This masterpiece is on its way to become the most famous Android phones with record breaking orders. Its features are amazing: a steel body with a sports camera, amazing internal storage and high speed processor. Many users are ordering Samsung Galaxy S7 from websites or buying them locally. As expected it has a huge price tag, around $700. But you can dwindle this cost if you buy Samsung Galaxy S7 from a service provider. They give an installment plan on contract, but the condition is that the SIM is locked with the service provider, which means you will have to use the SIM of the service provider until all the installments are complete. This results in strange quandary. What if you have to travel, what if you just want to use the SIM of some other service provider for some period of time. This will frustrate many users. But you will be happy to know that you can SIM unlock Galaxy S7 pretty easily.

 SIM Unlock Galaxy S7, S7 Edge for Free

The first way to SIM unlock Galaxy S7 is very easy and you can do it for free. For that, you should be in good books of your service provider. Normally, if you pay a few installments regularly and your account has a good profile, your service provider will give you the code to unlock SIM of Galaxy S7. This is possible because the service provider has nothing to lose in this case. He knows that you have paid some installments and you will not run away with the code as it doesn’t make any sense.

In order to SIM unlock Galaxy S7 for free, just implement the following steps.

First, you will have to get the IMEI number of your phone. For that, just Dial #06# from your phone and you will see the IMEI number on your phone screen within seconds.

Note down or remember this number and then go to your carrier service provider. Ask them to give you the SIM unlock code. They will ask you to give the IMEI number of your phone. Just give them the IMEI number you found in the above step.

In many cases the SIM code is given at the spot but many carrier service providers take almost two to three working days to give the number.

When you have received the SIM unlock code, apply the following steps.

Just remove the SIM card and insert the one which you want to use. You will be asked to enter the SIM unlock code. Just enter the code given by your carrier and that’s it. You can now use any carrier service you want.

What to do if Carrier Service Provider Doesn’t Give You Code

In case your carrier service provider denies to give you the SIM unlock code, you are then left with an option to purchase the SIM unlock code. There are many third party companies and websites selling these codes. One such example if the website “” on which you can order and get the Samsung Galaxy S7 code.

This was how to SIM unlock Galaxy S7 for free. In case of any question or confusion, feel free to comment on this post and I will get back to you with a solution.

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