A Simple Cooking Solution when Dining Alone

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A Simple Cooking Solution when Dining Alone

Different ways to Prepare an Egg

Last week was all about lovers. And it was awesome.

This week we will focus on the single ladies and gentlemen. Let’s face it, life in the single lane is no bed of roses, not only when it comes to love but also when it comes to cooking.  Between storing dry food and hoping you can consume it all before it expires and preparing a meal that you  must finish or risk storing it in your fridge until it changes colour are just some of the plights of a bachelor or the bachelorette.

And that is why we want to give special thanks to the Almighty for the invention of the egg. The egg is a great source of protein and has come to the rescue of many who are tasked night after night with figuring out what meal to cook for themselves.

Here are some great ways to prepare an egg that you can try out – they are quick, easy to cook and you can add any number of ingredients to make it more exciting.

The Omelet

This is an all-time favorite for many because you can play around with the toppings depending on what your preference is – from mushrooms, onions, cheese, tomatoes and slices of ham or chicken…the list is endless. This dish is a satisfying breakfast, lunch or dinner, easy to make and does not leave you with too many dishes to clean at the end of it all.

Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs were a major hit last year and was on the list of the most googled foods in 2014. All you have to do is boil eggs, scoop out the yolk and mix them with ingredients such as mustard, mayonnaise and other sauces. This is a wonderful dish that can be served at any time of the day and is most enjoyable when cold. You can also include a starch such as fresh bread or brown rice as an accompaniment.

Egg Salad

Though this is not one of the more popular salads, egg salad should be just as common as a vegetable salad because it’s very simple to prepare. After boiling eggs, peel and mash them together with mayonnaise and you are free to add finely chopped onions and celery if you wish. Eat the way it is and enjoy with a tall glass of fresh juice or iced tea.

Eggs Benedict

This is my personal favorite and it is very scrumptious! You will need an English muffin, some bacon and a poached egg. Butter one side of the muffin and top it up with 2 to 3 slices of bacon after which you place a poached egg on the top. See how to poach an egg here. You can then enjoy it the way it is or prepare some hollandaise to pour on top. (Hollandaise is a creamy sauce of made of melted butter, egg yolk, lemon juice or vinegar).

Happy Dining  😀 

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