Since you won’t eat your vegetables, how about your drink your Broccoli Coffee! Anyone care for a Broccolatte?


Since we were kids, we have all along been told to eat our vegetables and that they are full of vitamins among other nutritious things to make us healthy and strong. But let us speak the truth, the taste of pizza, roasted bacon, french fries, grilled chicken, soda and a long list of junk food tastes way better.

Then there is the caffeine (read drug) we all need to jump-start our brains to function well in the morning. They come in the form of coffee; cafe late for the fancy ones among us. More and more people are getting addicted to this stuff. We drink more coffee these days more than is right for us.

Well, an Australia’s chief research organization, CSIRO and Hort Innovation, have come up with a broccoli powder made by a “combination of selected pre-treatment and drying processes” that keeps the flavor, color, and nutrients from the vegetable in a good state. You can then take the broccoli powder, and make it a drink for your morning. So you can ditch the café late for the new, wholesome, nutritious broccolatte in the morning.

The broccoli powder was tested among avid coffee drinkers (addicts) at the Melbourne café. The drinkers had a “mixed reviews” about the new concoction brewed into the broccolatte.

Maybe taking the new broccolatte up against coffee is too tall an order for the new drink. Perhaps it is better off to sneak a two-three tablespoon of the powder into something like a smoothie. Because coffee is just on another level of addictiveness, and to substitute it for a healthy drink without the same punch will be difficult.

The broccoli powder can also be used in soups and baking. There is also further research into using the powder in making cheese puff-like snacks, which could be a big hit with the kids. That way you (as a parent) don’t have to struggle to get your kids to eat veggies.

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