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Six Safety Tips for Bitcoin Casino Players


With the significant increase in the prevalence of bitcoins, it comes as no surprise that online casinos started implementing them into their gambling platforms and accepting them as payment methods. Compared to standard payment methods, bitcoins have multiple advantages, including instant transactions, privacy, security, and the absence of fees. Staying safe while gambling is essential, and gambling using bitcoin is certainly one of the most secure options. Still, this doesn’t mean you should be playing with fire, because there are always some dangers lurking online, and it’s up to you to avoid them. To help you safeguard your bitcoins, here are the top six safety tips for bitcoin casino players.

Play On Credible Websites Only

Finding a bitcoin casino is quite simple, as the internet is full of them nowadays. However, finding a credible bitcoin casino can be challenging, especially for rookies who can have a hard time determining the reliability of the website. That’s is why it’s vital to keep looking for a genuine gambling platform, by checking out the reviews, feedback, and comments that are usually indicators of a website’s safety and legitimacy. The majority of the well-established online casinos are tried and tested, so you won’t have to worry about registering on them.

Use A Credible Crypto Wallet

Just like playing on a credible online casino is essential, the same can be said for using a crypto wallet. If you own bitcoins, then you already have a crypto wallet, but is it safe enough? So before doing any bitcoin transactions, make sure to choose the unparalleled crypto wallet, whether it’s web-based, mobile, or a hardware wallet. For extra security, you may want to consider having a dedicated crypto wallet that you’ll use for gambling exclusively. This will allow you to have more control of your gambling budget as well.

Understand The Bitcoin

Unlike using fiat currencies, gambling with bitcoin is different. That is why you need to have at the very least fundamental knowledge and understanding of bitcoin, even if you intend on using it solely for gambling. Because of its volatile nature, its price can alter multiple times a day so you need to know how and when to gamble with it because the amount you won won’t be the same when you withdraw it. That’s why you need to track its value each time you want to gamble. Moreover, bitcoin transactions are irreversible, which means once you make a transaction, they are final. Understanding the risks and disadvantages (not that there are many) of bitcoin is essential if you intend to use it for gambling.

Use A Secure Device and Browser

Regardless of how secured your bitcoins are, this can be irrelevant if you’re playing from a vulnerable and exposed device and/or browser. Whether you’re playing from a mobile device or a desktop, always ensure that your device is free of malware and viruses and that it’s completely protected. When it comes to browser, always double-check your privacy settings and be extra careful with the cookies and storing your passwords.

Never Use Public Networks and Devices

Even if there’s no other way to play, never and under no circumstances resort to using the public Wi-Fi or devices. Doing so may lead to a disastrous outcome because public networks and devices completely lack security and are prone to malicious attacks and abuse. All the information sent via public Wi-Fi is easily interceptable, meaning your data and login details can be stolen in no time. Furthermore, public computers and other devices may be infected with keyloggers and viruses, which can send your login credentials to a hacker, and you could lose everything. Once you realize that, it’s already too late.

Use Strong Passwords

Even with the encryption and other security measures online gambling platforms are using, you still can’t be 100% sure and rely on them to protect your data and funds. So always make sure to set a strong password using a combination of letters, numbers, special signs, and lowercase and uppercase letters. In addition, never use one password for multiple accounts, each account you have should have a unique password. To make things more manageable for you, you can use one of the password manager tools to store your passwords securely.

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