Six Ways Technology can Help You Save on Travelling Costs

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Since the advent of mobile payments, online travel agencies and quirky applications that almost allow you to see into the future, the Silicon Valley fellas have not gone a day without churning a surprise for the user.

Not a bad thing at all, except that while we all go gaga on just how smart the next invention will be, sometimes we lose the core objective of these innovations: convenience.

Still, savvy travelers can always count on technology to save them both time and money when planning and on trip/vacation. Below are six areas as listed by Jovago that travelers can maximize on for that elusive money-saving scheme.

Taxi Ride Share Services and Taxi Apps

Whether travelling overseas or taking a break to the coast, we all admit that tagging your vehicle will not only cause you headaches with authorities and clearances involved, but may also incur a deep dent on your bank account. To counter this, and for the sake of a few notes, you can chose to enjoy a taxi ride with like-minded flight mates, or simply download taxi applications such as Easytaxi , with a reputation for agreeable charges as well as security.

Flight compare Sites, and Early Reservations

Flight fares can be awfully unpredictable and especially for last minute travelers who may not have much of an option. However, the moment you have an inkling on exploring some new destination, your first step should be to get up and get on with flight comparing apps such as Skyscanner. Select a period you are most likely to travel and keep a graph on the updates. As a common observation, weekends, public holidays and school holidays will attract a sizeable hike in flight fares. Travel websites are great go-to as well, for instance has scheme called Best Price Guarantee, which promises to always the lowest rate for accommodation or refund the difference if guests find the same at cheaper rate elsewhere on the web!

Get Appy, Trend Online

While technology has its own demerits like the new era of robotic humans! We cannot ignore the savvy convenience. Once you set your travel budget, remember any trips to the flight agent, Travel Agencies and even immigration offices will consume both your time and money. Where possible, always do your travel prepping online; sites such as, Expedia etc. have thousands of updated information  on hotels in every other destination, making it very convenient to choose, compare price and services, check out reviews by previous guests as well as place your booking at one seating.

Cooking Apps and Kitchen-Whizz Sites

So you may be wondering what thyme and the asparagus has to do with your dreamy vacation? Well, these could turn out to be your best beach buy of the season! If you are planning on a camping trip, self-catering cottages or homestays, then it’s time you expanded your app store for such apps as Big Oven and Food Network. This could make a great turning point for discovering otherwise underexplored gourmet skills while saving on that over-priced three course!

Budget Apps and Expenditure Trackers

Although these savvy inventions will never literally stop you from getting from making that unneeded purchase at the duty free shop, or ordering that exotic wine beyond your means. However, a glance at the trend might at least give you a much needed slap back to reality. Budget apps also come in handy when establishing a saving plan for your next trip; with a bit of keenness, you can trace records for a clear tracking of what you need, what you want and what you basically have no need for.

Save on Communication: Let’s Skype!

From baggage charges, to pitiful exchange rates and airport transfers, the last thing any budget-minded traveler wants to hear is roaming charges! With the advent of Skype, Viber and now Whatsapp calls, you can stay connected with friends and family without breaking bank. All you have to do is download the app, and make use of it.

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