Skip the queue and get the new Gmail right now


Google announced a list of new upgrades and features coming to Gmail. The emailing platform is set to get massive redesign all meant to make receiving/sending of email more enriching for the user.

However, these upgrades and new features will not roll out to everyone at the same time. There are those of us who will get it sooner than the others. You probably know that, and you opened this article to know how to skip the queue, so without further blurb let’s dive into it.

How Regular Gmail users can skip the queue

If you use the regular Gmail, you can go to Settings by clicking the cog at the top-right corner, then select Try the new Gmail. That’s it!

How G Suite users can skip the queue

If you use G Suite for your work or school, you will need the account administrator to enable the new Gmail features. The admin will need to go through the Early Adopter Program, and open the Google Admin console and then opt for the new Gmail.

Pretty straightforward, huh? Go ahead and enjoy the new Gmail and see if it will improve your emailing experience.

Features of the new GmailP

Some of the features that will be available immediately include:

Smart replies (something like what you get with Gmail mobile version)

Snooze feature that lets emails disappear then reappear when you think you are most likely able to respond to them.

New tool panel located on the right side of the Gmail interface giving you easy access to Tasks

Upgrade to the Calendar


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