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SkipQue App Saves You from Long Waiting Lines at Restaurant

SkipQue App Saves You from Long Waiting Lines at Restaurant

Most of you would be familiar with the irritation caused by the long queues at the restaurants

on weekends. Either you don’t get the place for sitting, or the order is delivered after a long time. Fortunately, SkipQue app for iPhone saves you from these undesirable situations at restaurants. In this article, I will briefly review the app so that you can take advantage of its wonderful features.

Features of SkipQue

With the help of SkipQue app, you can search for the restaurants around you. You will get the information about the expected time you will have to wait for placing your order and then the time for the order to get ready. You can check the entire menu of restaurants for making choice of your favorite food items. The orders can be customized. You can even make the payments for orders.

The times are over when you had to wait in queues for your turn to come and then waiting for the order to get delivered on self-service restaurants. The SkipQue app works for such kind of restaurants. The app asks you whether you want to dine at the restaurant or you want to take the food away with you.

The app installed on your iPhone communicates with its restaurant side counterpart. The customer side app is called SkipQue, while the restaurant side app is termed as SkipQue Merchant. Both parts of app communicate to make the dining experience really awesome for customers. This app is also great for the better running of restaurants from the point of view of their owners.

The app only works for self-service type restaurants at the moment. In the next phase, the app will support table service order type restaurants also. The app will identify your table and the time required for the order to get delivered on that table.

Download this app, and enjoy the delicious food from restaurants without having to stand in queues. Place your orders from the app while sitting at home, and take away or dine at the restaurant when the order is ready.


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