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Skype For Web Latest Upgrades Lets You Make Calls To Mobile & Landlines, Watch YouTube Videos

Skype for Web has been quite useful to users who either share a computer or want to escape the trouble of having to download the app. Skype for Web allows you to use virtually all the full functions of the app, right on your web browser; talk about hustle free way to Skyping.

According to the Skype blog post, Microsoft has added some pretty awesome tweaks to the Skype for Web. As it states, “We’ve been listening to you to ensure we’re focused on bringing you the important features first.”

Microsoft has added new features on the Skype for Web. Now users can call mobile phones and landlines straight from their browser, and save money on your calls.

When you have signed into Skype for Web there is a ‘Call Phones’ tab, click on that then dial your country of destination followed by the mobile phone or landline number you want to call, the click on the call button. You will start calling people’s mobile phones and landlines right from your browser, with the Skype for Web.

However, before you begin making phone calls and what not, there is a browser plugin that supports voice and video calls over the browser for Skype for Web to work. So in a way, the Skype for Web is not 100% fully exclusively a web experience. You need to download and install a Skype plugin to your browser to use the full features of Skype on the web.

In addition to making phone calls to mobile phones and landlines, the new tweaks also enable you to watch YouTube videos right within the Skype for Web interface. Microsoft has tweaked how URLs appear over the interface to now include an image from the web page. If one of your contacts posts a link to a YouTube video, you can now watch the video without first having to leave the Skype interface to YouTube site.

Apparently, you can now also add people to the conversation even though they are not on Skype. To do this, when you are in chat, click +New and then click on ‘Share a conversation’.

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