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Skype’s New Feature Lets Users To Video Chat Without Account or Installing Skype

by Fahad Saleem

Skype has introduced an extremely innovative feature that is destined to bring about a drastic change in Skype working model and overall chat apps global canvas. You can now invite anyone to chat on Skype with just a simple URL. The other person, with whom you want to chat doesn’t need any Skype account or the Skype software, app installed in his computer or mobile. This means a complete change of how Skype business and working model.

In many countries, Skype is blocked, or many people do not have a Skype account for various reasons. Similarly, many people don’t want to install Skype in their PC or smartphone. In case you are one of such dudes who cannot install or make a Skype account, but still need to chat with your client or friend on Skype, all you need to do is to get the URL. The person who is on the other end can generate this invite URL by clicking on the plus sign(+). You will just click this URL, type your name and start video chat or voice calls. It’s amazing!

skype invite url feature 1

The new change in Skype is available for US and UK. Microsoft says that this new feature will be available all over the world in the coming weeks.

The new invite feature will make Skype a dynamic chatting app, using which people will be able to video chat or voice call each other for free without installing the software or making the account. This could put Microsoft’s Skype squarely parallel to the other chat apps like Viber, WhatsApp, Line etc.

The new URL invite feature will be available for Android, iPhone, Windows phone and PC platforms.


Image: TheNextWeb

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