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Sleep Cycle App Measures the Quality of your Sleep

by Fahad Saleem

Sleep Cycle App Measures the Quality of your Sleep

It is amazing how smartphones with their limited sensors can do almost anything nowadays. And it was really astonishing to know about the sleep cycle app which can apparently measure the quality of your sleep. The app somehow manages to pull this amazing act off. But since it is just a phone app, you can get it for sheer enjoyment and not fuss about its results too much because if you really want to measure the quality of your sleep, just go to a sleep clinic and have these tiny electrodes drilled into your brain!

The Sleep Cycle is a fun alternative app to such a torturing experience. The Sleep Cycle uses the accelerometer in your smartphone to detect your body movements when you are lying on bed. According to psychology, the way you move during sleep is a measure of how your sleep quality is. There are various patterns of movements identified by psychologists. Some show that you are in “purgatory”, others show that you are in light sleep and more others show you are in deep sleep. Over several runs, the app stores and interprets enough data it needs to make an observation about your sleep pattern.

sleep 2

The data is fun to have because of the colorful charts and graphs depict your pattern effectively and feel good to the eye. Another very useful feature of this app is that it comes with a cute little alarm which takes use of the data gathered by the app to ring the alarm at the time only when you are in light sleep. Most people are ruffled by alarms when they are ringing in their deep sleep and keep snoozing it till the purpose is meaningless. So this is a very innovative addition.

The data gathered by the app has been quite accurate. It rightly predicts the times at which the user awakes and the intensity of the sleep. The average sleep quality is also ably predicted by the app but the graphs generated by the app are pretty strange at times as different graphs show strange average sleep quality. But overall, it is a very good app as its job is to provide us with a rough estimate so that we can work on our sleeping habits.

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