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Slow Mac Problem: Speed Up Your Slow Mac With These Tricks

Slow Mac Problem: Speed Up Your Slow Mac With These Tricks

You observe plenty of times with your PC or Mac that it is running slow for no apparent reason. It is quite essential to know the reasons behind sluggishness of your device so that you can solve the problems accordingly. This article presents some of the most common problems that result in slow performance of your Mac and then tells how to fix these issues properly.

Spotlight Search is Indexing

Spotlight is an amazing search engine built into OS X. Anytime it is busy in indexing data, your Mac will slow down. The device may become even more sluggish after reboots between updating of major file system when the index is rebuilt, when another large external hard disk is connected, and when a major system update is installed.

To detect the issue, click on the Spotlight menu in the upper right corner. If you pull down the menu to view an indexing status bar, you know it is running.


You should wait for Spotlight to finish indexing that shouldn’t take too long.

Software Update Loading

The software updates of the Mac can cause it to slow down considerably at times. If you get a software update notification, you must know that installing the updates will temporarily slow down your system.


Although, skipping the updates would avoid your system from getting slow, yet it is recommended to install updates and wait for some amount of time.

Low Disk Space

When your Mac runs out of memory, it will slow down quite a lot. The reason is straightforward. A lot of temporary cache files are generated between the system and your apps when things are swapped in and out of the memory as per requirement. If your disk is full, these actions will take longer because old cache files need to be deleted before generating the new ones. This situation can create a stall before any further system process can be executed.


The best solution to this problem is deleting the unnecessary date

from your Mac as soon as possible. You can also recover disk space by installing utilities like OmniDiskSweeper that shows where your disk storage has gone. You may delete the unnecessary files by yourself.

These were some of the major issues that hinder the processing speeds of Mac, and cause it to slow down. You have learnt to fix these issues properly.

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