Is Your Smartphone Heating Up And Battery Running Flat Fast? Try EaseUS Coolphone

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Is Your Smartphone Heating Up And Battery Running Flat Fast? Try EaseUS Coolphone

Processors are getting faster and evolving at a rate much higher than the rate at which mobile devices’ battery technologies are improving. The result; you get a super fast performing mobile device, that runs out of juice almost as super fast and sometimes gets heated up while running heavy-resource demanding apps.

As we wait for techies to come up with better battery to power up our super fast mobile devices for longer. There are a few innovative apps out there that will give your extra hours on your battery while at the same time prevent your phone from heating up. One of which is the EaseUS Coolphone app.

EaseUS Coolphone has been designed to cool down your Android mobile device and save your battery energy to give you greater time interval per successive recharge sessions. The best part about EaseUS Coolphone is that you can download it from Google Play store completely free of charge. But unlike your regular free apps, this free app will not bother you with ads.

The app comes with a Smart Controller feature that optimizes your battery saving right from your screen lock mode. Some of the cool functions of the Smart Controller include:

  1. One tap to cool down your phone and improve the speed of operations.
  2. It optimizes battery health by shutting down background apps, optimize systems settings and increase phone’s storage space.
  3. You can tweak and save your own profile, other than the three common modes that come with the app.
  4. The app comes with quick shortcuts to your phone settings via the homepage and notification panel.
  5. Its saves power intelligently by shutting down background apps, WiFi, and Data while the screen is locked.

The app works better and does thorough device cooling on rooted mobile devices. You can download this app, free of charge from Play Store by following this link.

To interact with the developer and other users of the Coolphone app, you can go to the app’s official Google + account here. Or engage them on Twitter or Facebook.

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