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Smartwatches: Emopulse, Pebble and Mercedes Benz?

by Anie Akpe

Smartwatches: Emopulse, Pebble and Mercedes Benz?

2014 is rolling in with must have gadgets. This year kicks off with an increased interest in high tech watches commonly called Smartwatches.EmoPulse-Smile-bracelet-smartphone-stylish-powerful-05

Gone are the days of traditional watches that just show the time. Smartwatches, connect to your smartphone. Some of the features of this high tech gadget includes email notification, connection to Facebook, Twitter and the ability to peer into text messages without pulling out your Smartphone plus access your Mercedes Benz?!

Yep that’s correct, Pebble Technology recently partnered with Mercedes Benz  to bring smartwatch features to your car. Features include alerting you of hazards on the road, as well as provide other information. You’ll also be able to program the Pebble buttons to carry-out various in-car features, like being able to activate Siri voice control and do simple things such as locating your car in big parking spaces, check your fuel status and checking to make sure that you locked your car doors.

As if that doesn’t give us food for thought, how about the new EmoPulse Smartwatch. EmoPulse  (Soon to be Launched) is being touted as one of the best Smartwatches to own. Check out the video below and let us know what you think in our comment section.

EmoPulse Video

With more consumers purchasing Smartwatches, companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung are jumping into the bandwagon and launching their own versions of Smartwatches.  2014 promises to be a year full of cool,  innovative Technology.  Stay tuned, as we feature more on the Smartwatch technology.

To read more on Pebble Technology’s partnership with Mercedes Benz, click this link,  Mercedes and Pebble Partnership

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