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SmartWoman Nigeria – A Mobile App Enhancing Productivity of Nigerian Women

by Milicent Atieno

SmartWoman Nigeria – A Mobile App Enhancing Productivity of Nigerian Women

WIMBIZ has so far made a good name for itself for championing efforts to elevate Nigerian women status.  Now  WIMBIZ endeavors to be a catalyst for women’s productivity.  RecentlyWIMBIZ  partnered with Nigerian Federal Ministry of Communication Technology in producing an ingenious app dubbed, SmartWoman Nigeria.

SmartWoman Nigeria – A Mobile App Enhancing The Nigerian Women Productivity

The SmartWoman Nigeria is an innovative mobile service support meant to advance the status of the Nigerian woman. WIMBIZ intends to show Nigerian women the significant potential ICT can bring in their lives. WIMBIZ appreciates the fact that ICT has a direct catalytic influence in improving women’s socioeconomic status: it will help more women to be more productive in their business by improving on their effectiveness and efficiency in their jobs. The app also provides a new means of employment and it improves women’s social welfare by giving them the opportunity to learn various ways to meet their basic needs.

This mobile app also  allows the women to connect with each other, share their individual knowledge and learn from one another. This has a collective result of empowering women and enabling them to meet their individual goals. The SmartWoman Nigeria app will allow Nigerian women get in a timely manner, accurate information on pertinent issues affecting their lives. They get information updates on issues like: health, finances and parenting among others. The app platform also will allow women to interact with one another, share comments, ask questions and actively participate in polls and surveys among others.

The SmartWoman Nigeria initiative will be extended to the ‘beneficiary’ women, to whom targeted content via free SMS will be sent to. The content of the message will include tips on money management, life skills, security, health and safety among others. If they want SmartWoman subscribers will buy phones for use by the beneficiary women. These subscribers will also donate to the women’s causes and programs that are promoted by the SmartWoman Nigeria initiative. For more information, you can download the SmartWoman Nigeria brochure by clicking this link.

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