Smile And Talk Media Releases New Mobile Game: Nigerian Ninja

Smile And Talk Media Releases New Mobile Game: Nigerian Ninja

Smile And Talk Media Releases New Mobile Game: Nigerian Ninja

Nigerian Mobile Media Company,, today announced the release of a second Mobile Game through their subsidiary,

The Game, titled “The Adventures of the Nigerian Ninja: Attack on Fantasy Island” is a fast paced adventure game that shows a Nigerian Ninja running through obstacles in search of Naira Coins and Jewels.  The purpose of the game is to run as far as possible before succumbing to the obstacles.

A Spokesperson for Smile and Talk Meda said “After the success of our maiden game, ‘Chike the Problem Child’ we felt the pressure to deliver an equally addictive app, and we believe with this new game, we have achieved just that”.

The game is currently only available for iOS devices but there are currently plans to launch an android version.

Available today, the game, Nigerian Ninja is an app introduced for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users with appealing African music and visuals . The Ninja is on a magical island where there are angry monkeys, roaches and spiders to contend with, however, the goal of the Nigerian Ninja is to jump over obstacles, targets the enemies with its arrow and grabs the gold naira coin. There are interesting features that gives one life such as picking up the Ninja Power that will enable you fly and/or Ninja Hat that will make you invisible. Cool!

Device Requirements

iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

iOS 6.1 or later version

About Smile and Talk LLC

Smile and Talk LLC is Africa’s Premier online and Mobile Media Company based in Nigeria and USA.

Our three primary products are:

  1. – African Entertainment TV
  2. – African Tech Startup Directory
  3. – African Gaming

If you would like further information on Nigerian Ninja, please contact:

Somto Fab-Ukozor, Marketing & Communications, SmileandTalk LLC


Twitter: @smileandmobile

You can download the game from iTunes by following this link.

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