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Snap Animated 3D Photos with 3DAround Camera App for iOS 8

by Fahad Saleem
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Snap Animated 3D Photos with 3DAround Camera App for iOS 8

Photography maniacs are always looking for ways to spice up their flickering experience in this massive age of photo-centric social media. The concept of snapping photos has now moved one step further from 2D to 3D with 3D camera app “3DAround” for iPhone 6 users. The app will be released next month, but its anticipation has started building already.

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With the help of 3DAround app, you can take 360 degree swivel-around photos that you commonly see on various e-commerce sites. You just need to revolve your smartphone around an object and 3DAround app will integrate all the photos together to generate a single 3D image.

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3DAround camera app is developed by Dacuda that released a masterpiece of PocketScan app for scanning your documents without requiring bulky scanners. Now, the experienced team of Dacuda has created a 3D scanner that shoots the objects from perfect angles. You will get rid of the boring 2D type of photography and enter into the world of highly exciting 3D images.

how to snap 3D animated photos 1

It is an ideal time to launch the app since Apple has removed the restrictions from accessing the camera APIs. The developers had to get the root-level access for controlling exposure time, focus, and other features for capturing 3D images. The founder of Dacuda said that the inspiration of 3DAround camera app came from watching food blogger friends taking photos of meal from different angles and still failing to decide the best orientation for snapping photos.

Dacuda aims to make the process of 3D photo-snapping really easy and accurate by using omni-directional SLAM scan 3D technology (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), software and algorithms for 3D scanning with iOS 8 camera app in iPhone 6.

The 3DAround camera app captures a full 3D image of an object, capturing depth and structure of object as you move around shooting photos from different angles. It then integrates multiple images into a single virtual 3D photo.

Instead of relying on a group of single pictures, SLAM Scan technology uses the video mode and provides instant feedback. It superimposes series of images and depth maps for producing a probabilistic dense-point cloud of your delicious meal or some other object.

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