Snapchat Clone Snow is the Best Snapchat Alternative: Amazing Filters for Selfies and Stories

Almost a year ago, Snow was being introduced as a Snapchat-clone getting popular in China. But the social media photos app is now expanding globally, with plans to compete with Snapchat, whose growth is slowing worldwide. Snow is the best Snapchat alternative. The app was developed by the South-Korea based company Naver Corporation, which also developed Line app. Snow app offers literally endless filters and emojis to put on your face. Snapchat-clone app Snow almost copied every feature of Snapchat, but the app is getting intensely popular in Asia.

You can download the Snow app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for free. The first time you open Snow on your smartphone, the app will ask you to login via Facebook or Line or you can sign up with your email account. After you are signed in, the app will ask you to set up your username and enter your phone number.

30 Million Downloads Since September 

Snapchat clone Snow app has over 30 million users in Asia alone. The app was released in September 2016. One of the biggest advantages for Snow is that it is tapping a large user base in China due to the face that Snapchat is blocked in the country.

Snow App Filters 

You can add dog filters on your photos using Snow. You can expand our face, change your eyes, add colors to your lenses, add K-pop stars and much more.

How to Use Snow App 

How to use Snapchat-clone app Snow? Download Snow for Android or iOS. The app will ask you to signup using Facebook account, email or phone number. Just choose any username and you will have your account setup.

Now the app will recommend you some friends to add. You can also watch a cool introductory video to see all the features about Snow app.

Snow’s UI is surprisingly similar to Snapchat. The app starts with Camera screen. You can see “stories” and “Snaps” by swiping left or right. If you want to find Settings in Snow, they are in the “Chat” page.

You can hold the capture button to take video stories or just tap the capture button for Snaps. Then you can add Snow filters like Face Swap, Dog filters and more. You can also add text and emojis.  You can also add GIFs in your posts.

Share Snow Stories on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Snow also lets you share your videos and photos directly to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.

48 Hours Window

Unlike Snapchat’s 24 hour time window, Snow destroys Snaps in “My Story” tab in 48 hours. You can also add photos and videos using the “live” mode.

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