Snapchat Now Lets You Erase Unwanted Stuff from Snaps, Send Endless Videos and Draw Emojis

If you are a Snapchat addict, like millions of young people, you must have felt the need of a tool using which you could edit or remove the annoying stuff and people from your otherwise spectacular photos. Crib no more. Snapchat has launched an amazing tool using which you can edit and erase stuff from your photos. Snapchat named this feature as “Magic Eraser”. How to use Snapchat Magic Eraser to edit your Snaps and stories is the question which we will answer in this article. Apart from the Magic Eraser, Snapchat has given several other creative tools and updates after which Snapping will become much more fun. We have talked about the other updates in the article.

Snapchat Magic Eraser

You will find Snapchat magic eraser under the scissor tool. You can select the Magic Eraser and paint over the object you want to get removed from your Snap. The tool will remove the object with a Photoshop-like accuracy and blur the remaining spots that are necessary.

No 10-second Limit for Snapchat Videos

Snapchat has also removed the 10-second limit of looping videos. Users will be able to set a limit more than 10 seconds to let other people see the ephemeral snaps (photos that disappear once closed). Snapchat says that it felt that need of enabling its users to let their friends enjoy their Snaps for as long as they want. Snapchat has given an “Infinity” icon infinity icon in the Snap photo timer. If you select that icon, your friends would be able to look at your Snaps for as long as they want. But they still are ephemeral, meaning that they’ll get closed once they are closed. Instagram also lets users to enable limitless viewing of ephemeral Stories. This is probably the first time Snapchat has copied anything from Instagram, while Facebook is known to have copied almost every Snapchat feature to increase its user base of Instagram.

Endless Looping Videos

Another latest Snapchat update has also give the Loop tool for videos so you can decide if your Snap plays once or loops until your friend is ready to tap to the next Snap. Just tap the loop icon on the right side of the Snap composer to make your videos loop over and over. This makes your Snap a GIF-styled story.

Emoji as a Drawing Brush

You can now use emojis as drawing brushes in Snapchat. Just select any emoji from the creative tools on the right, and you will see a trail of that emoji as you draw.

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