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Snip and Share Chrome Extension Lets You Share GIFs, Content, Videos Instantly on Facebook, Twitter, Email

by Fahad Saleem

You are surfing the internet and suddenly stumble upon something interesting: an image on a website, an interesting text snippet, an interesting line, a perfectly hilarious GIF; you want to instantly share this great find with your Facebook and Twitter friends. What will you do? Copy-paste the whole link in your Twitter and Facebook feed? Take a screenshot, crop it to focus on the interesting part, then upload it to Facebook and Twitter? Not good ideas. That’s where Snip and Share comes in. A Google Chrome extension based on a highly useful idea and productive dynamics, Snip and Share lets you instantly share “instances of web” on social media and email.

After installation, Snip and Share gives you three options: you can share a complete page, a snapshot of your desired area or a specific image, video or GIF.

snip and share 5

The selected content will be directly and instantly shared, unlike static apps which first need saving and uploading.

So let’s say you stumbled upon an interesting image on Imgur, just use Snip and Share image option and spread it on email, Facebook, Twitter and other outlets. You can give your own shot note, or retain image text if any, or even post it without any text. Below is the image share from Imgur directly into email using Snip and Share for Google Chrome.

snip and share 4


Similarly, sometimes we come across interesting, uplifting texts which we want to share instantly in email or social media, but the text is not selectable or it takes too long to copy paste, open Facebook and do the job. So you can just use snip and share option just like shown below.

snip and share 1

snip and share 2

You can also post funny, interesting GIFs and videos directly on social media without any hassle.

You can also post whole pages. A complete URL link will be shared on your TL or Facebook timeline.

snip and share 3

Snip and Share is a free Google Chrome extension, and a must have to social media junkies, productive users, bloggers and multi-taskers.

Snip and Share is a great addition in productivity tools, though the space for improvement is still there. The app should shorten the links while sharing them to give a neat look and save characters on Twitter. The owner of this extension says that they are working to introduce Snip and Share in Slack, and plans are in the pipeline to launch a mobile app.

Try Snip and Share

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Niraj Ranjan Rout September 25, 2015 - 10:28 am

Excellent article, Fahad. Clearly explains how the extension works. Thanks, Niraj (Founder at

Fahad Saleem September 29, 2015 - 5:03 am

Thanks, Niraj

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