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The Social Conversation Beyond Television is Festering During Social Media Week

The Social Conversation Beyond Television is Festering During Social Media Week

NYC Tech Startup, Interactive Life, seeks Social TV Disruption

Social Media Week receives a special treat this year as Interactive Life Social TV project CEO/Co-founder Oldine Jean Charles joins as a panelist. The event, which will be hosted at New York University’s campus will focus on “Advances in Global Entertainment Technology”.

For the past few years, Wall Street has been inundated with nine figure buyouts and billion dollar acquisitions in social media, and more recently, the Social TV market. But Oldine Jean-Charles, CEO of Lord, Jean-Charles & Lord Group, LLC and Co-founder of the Interactive Life Social TV project, says she believes “we have yet to witness the potential of innovation when you combine social aspects to online video.”

Over the past year, her suspicions festered, thus motivating the expansion of her social television startup from the film mecca of Atlanta, Georgia to New York City, the Silicon Valley of the East. The move to New York was not only valiant, but necessary to keep a pulse on the tech action.

After years in the lab, Oldine Jean-Charles and her global development team are on the verge of introducing a new media solution, they believe, is sure to become a media phenomenon.  In a recent interview at the Harborside Financial District of Jersey City, I had tea with Oldine on the balcony of her new tech hangout overlooking an incredible view of lower Manhattan.

Photo Credit: Courteously of Oldine Jean-Charles

So the question is, after a quarter of a century, how does TV become a real social experience type of game changer all over again?

She laughs, “From my perspective television should have been designed as a circle instead of a box.  The success of television has always relied on people and consumer engagement.  We believe we have identified the right model for today’s conversation — where its coming from, where it’s going — combine with a quality platform to truly support results-driven campaigns for content providers and major brands”, says Oldine Jean-Charles.

On a phone interview yesterday, Jermyn Shannon El, Co-Founder and Dir of Product Development of Interactive Life states.  “As we review the social TV landscape, we recognize current media applications like Vine and Instagram, albeit popular, still leave the conversation room dry and a bit ‘salty’. We intend to bring a refresher that affords consumers, content developers and major brands the value of a self-contained, robust product in the television market. People have so much more too share and to learn beyond 140 characters. We can help support our community and first responders with more than a #hashtag. And for those who lack a voice, video is a serious equalizer.”

In 2013, the Interactive Life development team received its first round of private funding to fine-tune new features and the technical specifications prior to Beta launch this summer.  To date, Lord, Jean-Charles & Lord Group is the public relations and digital marketing agency for the Interactive Life Project.  The company is working with content providers to distribute exclusive content and partnering with media talent that fit the theme of its initial launch.

“Overall, our goal is to be a disruptor in the social television space, but a game-changer when it comes to breaking down barriers that currently exist within today’s media solutions,” says Oldine Jean-Charles.

 To hear more discussions on Interactive Life Social TV project, click on the event hashtag #smwGET.

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