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Social Media Week is happening this week (and for the first time) in Kenya | #SMWiNairobi

by Milicent Atieno
Social Media Week is happening this week (and for the first time) in Kenya | #SMWiNairobi

Social Media Week (SMW) Independent [SMWi] is for the first time taking place in Kenya. The SMWi kicked off yesterday Sept. 12th at the KICC in Nairobi, Kenya and will run until Sept. 26th.

SMWi is a global platform connecting people, content curators, and sparking conversation about the emerging trends in the social media and mobile space. SMWi will bring together founders, entrepreneurs, senior marketers, influencers, and digitally savvy consumers from across a range of industries including media, marketing, advertising, education, banking, communications, publishing, banking, technology, entertainment, and arts.

There will also be workshops and master classes that will take place at the iLab Africa at Strathmore University. The SMWi Nairobi will be exploring the unifying theme for this year:

The Invisible Hand: Hidden Forces of Technology (and How We Can Harness it for Good)

Toby Daniels, the Founder and Executive Director of Social Media Week said: “The invisible Hand represents the intangible, under-valued processes driving our technology, and ultimately, our decisions, forward. As we become more efficient, dynamic, and diverse human beings, we have the responsibility to understand the present and future potential of these hidden forces all around us.”

The SMWi Nairobi will be a one-week conference featuring central stage keynotes and panelist sessions, multiple rooms for workshops, presentations and master classes and a dedicated area for co-working, interacting and networking. Guests and attendees to the SMWi Nairobi will share their insights on how to leverage on social media and tech to scale business operations.

You can follow the event on social media under the hashtag #SMWiNairobi.

About SMWi Nairobi

Go Gaga Experimental Ltd is the host of the SMWi Nairobi. It is also the second time Social Media Week is being hosted in Africa; the first time was in Lagos, Nigeria.

The event takes places four times in a year; in February, June, September, and November. Attendees to the SMWi at KICC will be treated to Expos and Plenary Sessions.

Other cities that will run the SMWi at the same time as Nairobi are Mumbai, Miami, Sao Paulo, Rome, and London.

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